Understanding HCG Drops


HCG diet is the diet using human chorionic gonadotropin hormone which is normally produced by the women during pregnancy. The diet has been introduced by Dr Simone several years ago, and used by many people who wants to lose weight quickly.

HCG drops are taken to produce similar weight loss results as the hcg hormone. The HCG hormone is produced in a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant. This hormone releases in the body to communicate with the brain if the woman is consuming too few calories to sustain herself and her fetus. The hormone tells the brain to feed off existing stored fat in the woman’s body for nutrition.

HCG drops work in the same manner. The drops tell the brain to burn the stored fat (which is usually stored in troublesome areas on the body such as the stomach, the thighs, buttocks, etc.).

Is The HCG Hormone Safe?

Currently, the FDA has banned the selling of homeopathic hcg products containing the hormone for weight loss. But HCG hormone weight loss is an all-natural weight loss dietary supplement that mimics the weight loss power of the hcg hormone. Many people already have found better results with this than the homeopathic hcg drops. The drops are 100% certified all natural with extremely effective ingredients.

How Do I Take HCG Drops?

The drops are taken daily as recommended. To take the drops, you should not eat or drink anything 1- minutes before or after to ensure you are not hindering the effectiveness of the drops. Place 10-12 drops under the tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds. After, follow the remaining liquid.

The HCG drops are both effective and extremely convenient. You can take them on the go and it just takes 1 minute to consume! Make sure to pair the hcg drops with the recommended 500 calorie diet and follow the protocol closely for the best results.


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