The HCG Diet Phase 2

hcg-diet-phase-2It is best to start the second phase of HCG diet at home. At home, your environment is controlled entirely. There are many temptations to be faced when traveling. There are, however, times when it is impossible to stay at home when you begin this second phase. Your personal schedule and busy life may interfere with your ability to begin this phase at home.

If this happens to you, don’t interrupt your meal plan. Traveling more than four days? Do make a few changes to your 500 calorie diet until your return home. Remember, traveling is an ordeal that can cause you to become mentally and physically exhausted even if its a vacation. So dont maintain a diet of very low calories; instead increase your calories.

When traveling, an 800 calorie diet will maintain your energy and prevent excessive hunger. On your third traveling day, consume food with high protein, like fish, lean meats and seafood. Dont interrupt your HCG injections given daily.

You can begin your injections and 500 calorie diet when you return home if youve been traveling for two weeks or less. What if your travels take more than two weeks? You will need to have three loading days of healthy food again and three injections daily before you can return to the 500 calorie diet.

If a HCG dieter decides not to take those HCG daily injections when extensively traveling, stop the injections three days prior to your first day of travel. Now you will have a better time maintaining your 500 calorie diet for the three days after youve had your final injection. And, you wont have to struggle with keeping a very low calorie diet.

You can regain your lost weight with any injection/diet interruption prior to day 20. Return to your strict diet plan again and youll shed those pounds once more. If the interruption happens after day 20, the dieter will only lose diet time rather than regain weight lost. So travel after day 20.

Don’t act irresponsibly when making food selections no matter when the injection/diet interruption happens. When traveling, stay away from sugar loaded and starchy foods as well as alcohol.

Continue to eat foods on the accepted list of foods and stay away from those foods you would not consume if you still were maintaining the diet of low calories. Don’t eat any fast foods; choose healthy foods from a restaurants menu. Make sure you continue your mineral supplements and any multivitamin.