The 500 Calorie Diet at HCG


It is easy to deal with a 500 calorie diet when you are on the HCG diet plan. HCG is called Human Chorionic Gonadoptropin. This diet not only controls your appetite, but it’s also easy to eat every day a low calorie diet. This 500 calorie diet allows you to quickly lose weight and still maintain your energy so that you can function well. Dr. Simeons first suggested using HCG.

He discovered how HCG curbs your appetite and then devised a diet protocol. It is a rigorous protocol, but it’s also important if you want to succeed. You can read, from the manuscript, “Pounds and Inches” written by Dr. Simeons, much more about the original diet called “Very Low Calorie Diet.” It’s entirely up to you to utilize the HCG drops or injections, but no matter which product you select, a 500 calorie diet is mandatory. You’ll be able to lose 1 to 3 pounds each day when you stick to this calorie amount. If, on the other hand, you don’t stick to this rigid diet of 500 calories, you’ll diminish the weight you will lose and you could lose only l pound or less each day. Injections or drops, no matter if you use them or not, to succeed you must eat properly.

Now, Dr. Simeon defines quite clearly what acceptable foods are in your 500 calorie diet. You need to consume the right amount of proteins in the healthy foods you select, like shrimp, beef, turkey, fish and chicken. If there is any visible fat in the meat, remove it before cooking. As far as portion sizes go, here’s what is allowed: shrimp and chicken (6 ounces each), beef and turkey (3.5 ounces each), and fish (4 ounces). These meat selections can be steamed, grilled, or boiled; don’t bake or fry them. You want to avoid oils that are unnecessary.

You can add meats to your supper or lunch selections. Do prepare your meals in advance. This will eliminate your partaking in any temptations while preparing your meals. You can create a monthly or biweekly diet menu of 500 calories; a menu that is established simplifies planning meals. Alternate your dinner and lunch choices between poultry and beef or between poultry or beef and fish to maximize your weight loss.

You will not grow bored with your food selections if your meat selections are not the same for days in a row. Eating tasty veggies is allowed. Imagine, you can choose from over forty different veggies. Isn’t this wonderful?

Think red, fresh radishes; cabbage, mixed veggies, spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes. Keep your counting calorie journal so you can keep track of your calories intake.

You should calculate the caloric value of snacks, meats and beverages consumed in one day to then figure out the amount of calories remaining for some veggies during dinner or lunch. Add snacks to your 500 calorie diet to satisfy your appetite. Here are some snacks that are allowed: Melba or Grissino bread toast, small portions of oranges, strawberries or fresh apples. You must keep in mind that you will be calculating whatever you consume into this 500 calorie limit.

You will need to deduct your snack’s calories from your daily allowance of 500 calories. Keep your snacks to a minimum or you could forego entirely snacking. You are also quite limited on beverage consumption. It’s best to consume lots of cold, ice water. Calories will be burnt off and no calories are added to your daily intake. You are allowed tea, coffee, or herbal tea; don’t sweeten any of them with artificial or sugar sweeteners. Use each day one tablespoon of milk; better yet, why don’t you drink your coffee or tea black? You are allowed to add Saccharin or Stevia, if you want to, to your drink.


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