For over 50 years, HCG has been administered in injection form and used in conjunction with a metabolically designed Low Calorie Diet for both men and women seeking to lose unwanted weight…and keep it off. With recent advances in the science of homeopathy, we are pleased to offer an EQUALLY EFFECTIVE, painless and cost friendly treatment in an all natural drop form which is administered under the tongue. Dr. Simeons’ protocol will allow you to lose only the unwanted, abnormal body fat. The HCG will shield your structural fat (the fat which protects your internal organs, the pads of your feet and under the skin of your face) and muscle mass. You will be able to maintain a low calorie diet with energy, and best of all, without hunger.

The Path to a Healthier You

Whether your goal is to lose hundreds of pounds or the last ten, we are here to support your journey down the path to a healthier you. We offer exemplary service and the utmost desire to help you succeed. In fact, many on staff at Metamorphic Nutrition have have preceded you on the same protocol with fantastic results. Many of our clients have reported not only significant weight loss in a short period of time, but remarkable reductions in cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure and glucose (blood sugar) levels. If you are ready to make the commitment, a new you is about to be!

Exclusive Product Formulations

Even homeopathic versions of HCG are not all the same. The HCG developed for our programs is a superior blend of HCG prepared in the USA in an FDA registered lab and enhanced with amino acids to support internal organ functions as the weight is lost. In addition, these unique HCG products are offered in gender-specific formulations to address the specific needs of men and women, using the highest quality and most potent ingredients available.